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Química del Nalón, S.A has been an independent, private family owned company since the beginning of its industrial activity in 1943.

This characteristic has decisively influenced the culture of the Company and its business dynamic, differentiating it from most of its competitors.

The company is controlled by Ibérica de Servicios e Inversiones, S.A. a financial holding which manages substantial industrial assets.

Apart from the carbochemical sector, the group has interests in civil construction, risk prevention at work, environmental sector and services.

Shareholder composition:

There have been no significant variations in its shareholders since its foundation.

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Nalon Pro-System

  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • IQNet
  • TÜVRheinland BS OHSAS 18001 certificate
  • AENOR certificate for Environmental Management
  • AENOR certificate as cegistered company