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Coke is a porous mass of carbon that is industrially obtained by means of high-temperature dry coking coal distillation in the absence of oxygen.

The manufacture of coke is another activity of Quimica del Nalón, S.A., and is currently carried out at the Sama de Langreo production site.

The annual production capacity is 130,000 Tm., which makes Industrial Química del Nalón, S.A. the leading producer of foundry coke in Spain and one of the main European producers, exporting to numerous countries in Europe and throughout the world.

The most important applications are in iron foundries, non-ferrous smelting, insulation sector, the chemical and sugar industries, ferrous alloys, etc.

The raw material employed are mainly coking coals, imported mostly from the U.S.A..

Coke oven battery: 130.000 Ton. Coke/year.

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