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Pitch is the main product obtained from coal tar distillation. It is composed of high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Industrial Química del Nalón, S.A., manufactures the most ecological pitch of the market. Its low volatile content, low ash content and an optimised rheology guarantees a better wettability. This behaviour results in:

  • A reduction in consumption (up to 6% in weight), with positive environmental and economic effects.
  • Improved electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Lower emissions.


The basic applications of pitch are in:

  • The aluminium industry: The manufacture of anodes for pre-baked and Söderberg electrolytic cells.
  • The graphite industry: As a binding and impregnation pitch for the manufacture of electrodes used in the steel sector, as well as pitches for nipples and special artefacts.
  • Special pitches: Pitch for refractory materials, pitch for cathodes, pitch for waterproofing materials, pitch for clay pigeons, etc.


Pitch is manufactured according to customer’s specifications, typical values being:

Presentation and supply:

Pitch is marketed in solid and liquid state.

The pencil-shaped solid pitch has an anti-dust oil homogeneously added that reduces emissions during handling in more than 90%.

Solid pitch is supplied in bulk in amounts of up to 10,000/15,000 Tm, by means of logistics facilities in the ports. It is also supplied in a big-bag of 1 Tm.

Liquid pitch is supplied in thermally insulated tank trucks or in specific vessels.


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