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These are fractions obtained during coal tar distillation. They are marketed directly or in blended formulations.

  • Carbolic Oil: Distilled between 140 and 210ºC.
  • Heavy Oil (Wash Oil): Distilled between 230 and 290ºC.
  • Anthracene Oil: Distilled between 300 and 395ºC.


The sectors using these technical oils are mainly:

  • The carbon black industry (Anthracene Oil).
  • The Coke industry (washing of battery gas).
  • Chemical industry.


Specifications for any of these oils will be provided upon request.

Presentation and Supply:

The following products are marketed under the denomination of technical oils:

  • Anthracene Oil: Raw material for carbon black manufacture. This product is supplied in bulk liquid form or in thermally insulated tank trucks or vessels. (Own fleet. Up to 6,000 mt lots).
  • Heavy Oil (Wash Oil): This oil is used to absorb the impurities of battery gas before it can be used as a fuel. The product is supplied in bulk liquid form in tank trucks.
  • Carbolic Oil: It is used in the production of phenols, cresols and xylenols. The product is supplied in bulk liquid form in tank trucks.

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