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The industrial carbochemical facilities are formed by a group of autonomous, though integrated plants, making up a set with a primary tar distillation capacity of 370,000 mt. per year. As a result of the continuous innovation processes developed by the Company on carbochemicals, important enhancements have been made as well as other modifications and improvements with several aims in mind:

  • Adaptation of productive activity to new environmental legislation.
  • Revamping of facilities and production processes.
  • Improving company’s competitiveness in the market.

All the processes employed in carbochemicals correspond to our own technological developments, some of which have been patented (Naphtalene Refining).

Their common characteristics are:

  • High energy efficiency.
  • Minimum environmental footprint.
  • Computerised and automated processes.
  • Differential and consistent quality in the products obtained.
  • High levels of productivity.
  • High yields.

Química del Nalón, S.A. carries out the processing of tar in two physically separated stages:

  • Primary coal tar distillation for obtaining pitch.
  • Naphthalene oil distillation.

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