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These consist of specific logistics systems of product reception, storage and shipment that provide service to the Carbochemical activity..

Their aim is to guarantee the competitiveness and regularity of raw material procurement (high temperature tar) and deliveries of finished products (liquid and solid pitch, anthracene oil, etc.).

The facilities basically consist of storage and handling (loading/unloading) systems for bulk liquids and solids. Their development has been running in parallel to the internationalization of Química del Nalón, S.A.

Avilés (Spain)

Avilés facilitiesLocated in San Juan de Nieva, 42 Km far from Trubia factory. Bulk liquid and solid handling facilities.

  • Liquids: There are tanks available, as well as loading/unloading systems for tankers. They allow the reception of tars and deliveries of liquid pitch and technical oils.
  • Solids: Front-line warehouse available in the port, adequate for bulk solid storage, which facilitates solid pitch deliveries.

Szczecin (Poland)

IQNPolonia logistics centreThese facilities belong to Química del Nalón Polonia, Sp.z o.o. They are used as a logistics centre in the Baltic area and Eastern Europe and consist of specific unloading /loading system for rail tankers and sea tanker vessels, a reheating station and a storage tank. 

The company has an important fleet of railway tankers under leasing.


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