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Permanent commitment with a sustainable development
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Química del Nalón, S.A., considers respect for the environment a an strategic, competitive factor and a permanent priority of its activities. As a result, the company has obtained the Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) for its production sites in Sama de Langreo and Trubia, as well as the certification of its Environmental Management System in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard since 1998.

Environmental policy

We are particularly conscious of our obligations with the environment and aware that our future is conditioned by an adequate response to environmental requirements.

The commitment of the Management is based on:

  • Pollution prevention and control by using the best available and economically viable techniques minimizing any negative environmental effects, as well as rational use and preservation of natural resources.
  • Compliance with the legal regulations in force and whatever commitments the company is signing for.
  • Providing the necessary human and material resources, including information, participation, consulting and training for employees.

Since1993, a series of actions have been taken with the aim of integrating the environment into the productive processes and management of the Company, not only as a legal requirement, but also as a factor of competitiveness.

The fundamental action guidelines have been:

  • Investing in new plants and environmental improvements.
  • The development of an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard

These investments have meant:

  • The employment of the best available technologies (B.A.T.) in the new plants built.
  • The definitive authorisation from the Administration for the emission of liquid effluents at the centres in Trubia and Sama de Langreo.
  • A substantial reduction in specific energy consumptions and, therefore, in the corresponding emissions.
  • The use of low sulphur content fuels.
  • Recovery and re-utilization of carbon residues.
  • Rational use of natural resources (water and energy).
  • Elimination of un-controlled emissions.

Its permanent commitment to preserve the environment has allowed Química del Nalón, S.A. to have its Environmental Management System certified in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards since 1998 for the production sites in Trubia and Sama de Langreo and for its logistics installations at Szczecin (Poland):

  • Trubia (The production of coal tar distillation products –pitch, naphthalene, oils- )
  • Ciaño (The production of foundry coke/metallurgical coke
  • Szczecin (Handling and storage of crude coal tar)

As acknowledgment of the efforts made on environmental issues, Química del Nalón,S.A. was awarded with the Environmental Management prize in 2001. The same project obtained a national recognition in 2002.

Since April 2008, the company has got the Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) for its production sites in Sama de Langreo and Trubia, which establish the conditions and environmental limits the facilities must be working under.


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