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Coke technology

Coke technology
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Main technological developments carried out by Quimica del Nalon,S.A.

  • Optimization of the carbonization process.
  • Production of high perfomance foundry coke with low ashes and sulphur contents, as well as high mechanical strenght.
  • A control process system with last generation equipment allowing a continuous control of process variables.
  • The interaction of foundry coke production and coal tar distillation processes, which facilitates the sustainable planning of carbochemical processes allowing product recycling and complementary interaction and synergies.

Power plant

  • Use of 100% surplus coke oven gas in the power plant.
  • Use of combustion heat for coke oven services.

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Nalon Pro-System

  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • IQNet
  • TÜVRheinland BS OHSAS 18001 certificate
  • AENOR certificate for Environmental Management
  • AENOR certificate as cegistered company