Industrial Química del Nalón cooperates with the Museo de la Siderurgia (Iron and Steel Museum) in Asturias

Last September 13th a contract was signed by the chairwoman of the Iron and Steel Museum Foundation, Esther Díaz, and the chairman of Industria Química del Nalón, Rufino Orejas, by which the company located in Langreo agrees to hand over some pieces to the museum.

The contract has been signed to hand over five coke battery doors, owned by Industria Química del Nalon, measuring each 3m height by 1.5m width and weighing more than 3 tons each. The chairman of the company has also been granted the silver emblem of the MUSI (Iron and Steel Museum).

Rufino Orejas stated that the donated doors had been built with more than 4 million tons of coke and that “they had been substituted by much more modern doors in fulfilment with the permanent investment plans to maintain the company as a reference centre”. The chairman of Industria Química del Nalón added that Ciaño exports a great part of its production not only to Europe but throughout the world.