Generate value for our stakeholders

Our strategic framework defines that, to grow, we must deploy support and reinforcement policies in the innovation and diversification processes. The development of open innovation that strengthens our commitment to sustainability is essential to renew our traditional businesses and meet the needs of an economy with less carbon of fossil origin demanded by our customers and by the environmental objectives of the European Union.
We differentiate our goals based on our main stakeholders, because together we generate more value.


Competitiveness and sustainability

Because we view innovation as the tool for promoting and boosting our competitiveness and being more sustainable, for more than 10 years now all our activities linked to RDI have been managed by the Nalontech team, made up of highly qualified scientists who use the best practices in terms of innovation and are supported by our scientific advisory board, whose members include scientists of recognised international prestige.

All projects are applied research and are related with our products and processes. We have a patent for obtaining pitch from anthracene oil and we have developed our own technology for refining naphthalene.

Collaborative innovation network

We follow an open innovation strategy aimed at working and collaborating intensely with technology centres, universities, customers and other companies in initiatives aimed at the development of projects linked to obtaining advanced, sustainable carbon materials, with the circular economy and the application of data science to improve our processes.

Advisory Scientific Committee

The mission of the Advisory Scientific Committee is to review and provide recommendations regarding the innovation carried out by Quiímica del Nalón, advise on research and development projects, as well as the company’s vision and strategic lines. The Advisory Scientific Committee is composed of renowned scientists with an exceptionally high academic reputation at both national and international levels.

Avelino Corma Canós
Founder and former director of the UPV-CSIC (Polytechnic University of Valencia-Spanish National Research Centre) Institute of Chemical Technology and winner of the Prince of Asturias Research Award in 2014

Luis Liz Marzán
Director of the San Sebastián CIC biomaGUNE Biomaterials and Technological Research Centre

Diego Cazorla Amorós
Professor at the University of Alicante and head of the Advanced Carbon Materials Research Group

Arturo Romero
Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid

Beatriz Roldán Cuenya
Head of the Interface Science and Inorganic Chemistry Departments at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society of Berlin


Investee companies

As a complementary process to innovation, we diversify our activity by incorporating new lines of business, participating in new companies and more sustainable start-ups with high added value.

A company whose main activity is the production of N-BIO desulfurants based on natural oxides, which allow the reduction of hydrogen sulphide, present in anaerobic waste digestion processes, for the generation of biogas and biomethane.

N-BIO products allow the use of the digestate as a fertilizer in agricultural facilities and they are in continuous evolution, adapting to the different specifications required by the current legislation of each market.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant, located in the Business Park of the Principality of Asturias (Avilés).

It receives, details, processes and cleans effluents with polluting elements from different industrial processes which require specific treatment to be discharged.

We actively participate in high added value activities, in collaboration with research groups from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Oviedo in a biotechnology company specialised in the nanoencapsulation of active ingredients, with applications in the field of medicine and cosmetics. In medicine with RDI projects for the design of controlled drug release systems, mainly for oncological or neurodegenerative pathologies. In cosmetics, under the INdermal brand, designing, developing and manufacturing cosmetic active ingredients for the main operators in the cosmetics industry. 50% of the business is exports.

Following our path of open innovation, Nanovex collaborates with research centres, RDI companies and universities, such as the Oligofastx Consortium, a project formed by Spanish companies and aimed at developing solutions for rare diseases.

From the fusion of medical science, with a prestigious team of dermatologists and biotechnologists, the cosmetic brand “Método R” was born, a complete slow-aging cosmetic routine that seeks to care for any skin in a simple, effective way.


Retention of talent

Because attracting, developing and retaining talent is a fundamental part of our growth strategy, we are committed to:

Guaranteeing the necessary human resources through the incorporation, organisation and optimisation of management processes.

Promoting a culture that combines safety, integrity, efficiency, sustainability, transparency and boosts innovation and continuous improvement.

Implementing ascending and descending communication channels which foster a culture of transparency, collaboration and teamwork.

Ensuring knowledge of the principles and guidelines for ethical behaviour and demanding respect and compliance with the rules.

Managing talent throughout the entire cycle of the human resources process, taking into account the new values and competencies of our strategy.

Implementing professional development programmes conducive to rotation, mobility and the filling of vacancies by internal staff.

Setting up a remuneration system linked to performance, value creation and the achievement of our strategic challenges.

Developing our own leadership style which drives the achievement of our strategic challenges and reflects a fair view of our culture and values.

Promoting policies that increase the commitment of professionals.

Offering stable, quality employment.

Creating a safe, healthy and flexible work environment that promotes the work-life balance.

Guaranteeing equal opportunities and diversity, eliminating any element of discrimination.