Industrial Química del Nalón to reinforce its compromise with R+D+i by promoting a set of innovative solutions to be applied on biotechnology in the Carbochemical area

This group is a new step forward in the policy of R+D+I investments of the company, also linked to the creation of the Advisory Scientific Board last year.

Oviedo, April 2011.- Industrial Química del Nalón is a family owned company, as well as a private and independent business. Its activity is focused on the carbochemical sector, where it has been operating since its foundation in 1943 with its own technology and solid entrepreneurial values. This company has promoted a research group formed by greatly prestigious professionals, all of them highly recognised experts both at national as at international level.

This group is a new step forward in the policy of R+D+I investments of the company, also linked to the creation of the Advisory Scientific Board last year. Industrial Química del Nalón supports innovation in order to generate new products and optimize productive processes to improve its high competition standards in a globalised market.

One of its members, José Luis Jorcano, is the promoter of the said group, which joins experts in the areas of chemical engineering and molecular biology.

The group plans to develop innovative solutions on valuation, transformation and elimination of non-desired substances, based on their experience on the field of bioremediation.

The interest shown by Industrial Química del Nalón focuses on the development of new technologies and the improvement and empowerment of the existing business lines.

The mentioned group is formed by the following research professors: José Luis Jorcano (CIEMAT/UC3M, Madrid), Eduardo Díaz (Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, CSIC, Madrid), Julián Perera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Juan José Rodriguez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Juan Luis Ramos Martin (Estación Experimental del Zaidin, CSIC, Granada), Juan Lema (Universidade de  Santiago de Compostela), Eloy Garcia (IMDEA, Madrid), Pedro Antonio Garcia Encina (Universidad de Valladolid), Victor de Lorenzo (Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, CSIC, Madrid). 

The group held a start meeting in January in Madrid and a more recent one at the company’s facilities in Trubia, with Rufino Orejas, Chairman of Industrial Química del Nalón, as attendee.

IQN’s Advisory Scientific Board

On October 8th 2010, Industrial Química del Nalón established its Advisory Scientific Board in order to count on a qualified and experienced team to provide advice on innovation strategy issues, as well as on business diversification. This channel is intended to translate the world of science onto the business environment, providing contributions to the advantage of the chemical industry and the scientific community.

The Board is formed by six professional scientists outside the company. Each one of them has been invited due to his knowledge, experience and prestige in connection with the business and/or the chemical industry environment and its foreseeable future.

The members of this Advisory Scientific Board are as follows: José Barluenga, chemist; Avelino Corma, chemist; Mario Díaz, chemical engineer; José Luis Jorcano, physicist; Carlos López, molecular biologist.