Quimica del Nalon: sustainability, investment and innovation from Langreo

Quimica del Nalon is an Asturian family company that has been developing its high performance foundry coke activity in the Ciaño plant (Langreo. Asturias. Spain ) since the mid 80s, generating 70 direct jobs,

The company – one of the two industrial chemical companies with a presence in the Nalón Corridor – is the leading producer of foundry coke in Spain and one of the main producers in Europe, with an annual capacity of 110,000 Tm, using high quality American coking coal and generating 15 Gigawatts annually.

The company Quimica del Nalon has made an investment of 7 million euros in 2023 for a sustainable future of the coking plant in Sama. The Asturian company, which is about to celebrate its 80th anniversary, is thus committed to Ciaño (Langreo) as a European benchmark for innovative and forward-looking coking that extends the life of the battery.

The investment, which was made during the first half of 2023, replaced the refractories of the battery with new materials, using the best available techniques (BAT).

On completion of the investment, the Sama plant has greater production capacity to meet the global challenges of competitiveness and sustainability. Likewise, Ciaño will continue to work on further improvements in the capture of classified, mixed coals, the machine, the fines mill and the slaking hood.

The new plant – after the investment of 7 million euros, made in 2023 – is part of the company’s vision and mission, which bases its strategy on three pillars: sustainability, transformation and growth. Likewise, the strength of the Asturian company Química del Nalón has been linked for decades to an important commitment to innovation, one of the levers that drive the company to improve its competitiveness in international markets.

Quimica del Nalon is an Spanish company that employs 230 people – in addition to 150 contractors – at its plants in Trubia (Oviedo) and Ciaño (Langreo), as well as at its headquarters in Oviedo. It exports more than 60% of its sales to the world’s leading companies in its sector, in more than 30 countries, with its own fleet and logistics centres in San Juan de Nieva (Avilés), Szczecin (Poland) and Galati (Romania).

The company aspires through its vision “Circular Chemistry with Commitment” and its triple strategy of Sustainability, Transformation and Growth to continue to be the leading producer of foundry coke in Spain, as well as one of the most important European producers of pitch, anthracene oil, through circular processes.

With 80 years of history in the field of circular economy and the Green Pact, its passion is to grow by adapting our traditional activities and developing new businesses. We aspire to be the chemical company of reference in developing the best solutions for our customers, based on talent, innovation, entrepreneurship and agility.