Nalonchem participates in the Proof of Concept Asturias S3 programme to propose innovative challenges to the Asturian scientific community

Nalonchem is taking part in a new edition of the Proof of Concept Asturias S3 programme to propose innovative challenges to the Asturian scientific community.

The initiative, promoted by the Regional Ministry of Science, Business, Training and Employment through the Agency for Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation Asturias (Sekuens) recognizes the scientific work of researchers at the University of Oviedo to promote the realization of proofs of concept (PoC), which facilitate their validation in a framework of open innovation with innovative Asturian companies.

Selected will be those value proposals that solve challenges of interest, linked to industrial and digitalisation interests of the company, presented by teaching and research staff of the University of Oviedo who have completed work in areas of research and innovation of the S3 Asturias 2021-2027 strategy.

The conference was attended by Ana Elena Fernández Monzón, technical advisor of Sekuens; Javier Fernández, general manager of Nalonchem; Emilio Sánchez Cortezón, manager of Nalontech; Raúl López Medina, manager of Information Systems and Digital Transformation; Javier Contamina Arjol, head of R&D and product development at Nalon Minerals; Rebeca Alonso Bartolomé, manager of Area Biotech, and Susana Montes, area director of Plan Propio and National and Regional Projects at the University of Oviedo.

A successful relationship

This agreement is a new step in a successful relationship between Nalonchem and the University of Oviedo, which began in the 1940s.

Recently, Nalonchem reinforced this historical relationship by creating the “Nalon Chemistry Chair in Circular and Sustainable Chemistry “, with the aim of contributing to the knowledge and promotion of R&D&I in the field of circular and sustainable chemical processes.

Nalonchem also has a Scientific Advisory Board of recognised national and international prestige, as well as a recently created Business R&D Centre, called Nalón Innova, which integrates highly qualified scientific teams to generate the necessary innovation to boost and improve competitiveness, growth, diversification and sustainability. The R&D Business Centre develops its main R&D lines in the field of advanced cosmetics and decarbonisation and development of new products in the fields of carbochemistry and foundry coke. The Scientific Advisory Board, made up of prestigious scientists of national and international renown, supports this strategy and innovative developments.

In the last five years alone, Nalonchem has invested more than 5 million euros in innovation. Together with 15 technology centres across Europe, it has developed more than ten projects with an impact on people’s quality of life with biomedical and circular economy applications.

At present, Nalonchem, in collaboration with different entities and research centres, promotes R&D projects that cover different fields such as advanced carbon materials, biotechnology and participation in companies with a high technological content.

st half of 2023, replaced the refractories of the battery with new materials, using the best available techniques (BAT).

On completion of the investment, the Sama plant has greater production capacity to meet the global challenges of competitiveness and sustainability. Likewise, Ciaño will continue to work on further improvements in the capture of classified, mixed coals, the machine, the fines mill and the slaking hood.

The new plant – after the investment of 7 million euros, made in 2023 – is part of the company’s vision and mission, which bases its strategy on three pillars: sustainability, transformation and growth. Likewise, the strength of the Asturian company Química del Nalón has been linked for decades to an important commitment to innovation, one of the levers that drive the company to improve its competitiveness in international markets.

Quimica del Nalon is an Spanish company that employs 230 people – in addition to 150 contractors – at its plants in Trubia (Oviedo) and Ciaño (Langreo), as well as at its headquarters in Oviedo. It exports more than 60% of its sales to the world’s leading companies in its sector, in more than 30 countries, with its own fleet and logistics centres in San Juan de Nieva (Avilés), Szczecin (Poland) and Galati (Romania).

The company aspires through its vision “Circular Chemistry with Commitment” and its triple strategy of Sustainability, Transformation and Growth to continue to be the leading producer of foundry coke in Spain, as well as one of the most important European producers of pitch, anthracene oil, through circular processes.

With 80 years of history in the field of circular economy and the Green Pact, its passion is to grow by adapting our traditional activities and developing new businesses. We aspire to be the chemical company of reference in developing the best solutions for our customers, based on talent, innovation, entrepreneurship and agility.