Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) strengthens its relationship with the University of Oviedo with the “Aula Institucional Química del Nalón de química circular y sostenible”, to promote R&D&I and talent in Asturias.

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) reinforces its historical relationship with research at the University of Oviedo and the management and promotion of entrepreneurial and scientific talent in Asturias by creating the “Química del Nalón Institutional Classroom for Circular and Sustainable Chemistry”, with the aim of contributing to the knowledge and promotion of R&D&I in the field of circular and sustainable chemical processes.

The presentation of the “Aula Institucional Quimica del Nalon de Química Circular y Sostenible” was held in a packed hall of the Faculty of Chemistry, attended by Begoña Cueto Iglesias, acting vice-rector of Transfer and Business Relations at the University of Oviedo; Susana Fernández González, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Oviedo; Javier Fernández González, General Manager of Química del Nalón; and Salvador Ordóñez García, Director of the Aula Institucional Química del Nalón de Química Circular y Sostenible.

The Aula Institucional Quimica del Nalon will promote the holding of research dissemination conferences related to the R&D&I of circular and sustainable chemical processes; it will stimulate the development of research lines and departmental projects and will promote talent and academic excellence in this field.

Javier Fernandez Gonzalez, general manager of Quimica del Nalon stated that: “Since the 1950s, we have entrusted our growth to innovation and the attraction of innovative talent. With the “Aula Institucional Qiímica del Nalon de química circular y sostenible” we take another step forward, both in the professionalisation of our innovation strategy and in the link with the territory, through this agreement with the University of Oviedo and its Faculty of Chemistry. With the Nalon Innova business R&D&I centre, the Scientific Advisory Board and, now, the Aula, Química del Nalón has its own innovation ecosystem to continue successfully tackling the challenges and opportunities for growth and diversification of our businesses, with a focus linked to digital transformation and sustainability”.

Quimica del Nalon has a recently created Business R&D&I Centre, called Nalon Innova S.L., which integrates highly qualified scientific teams to generate the necessary innovation to boost and improve competitiveness, growth, diversification and sustainability. The R&D&I Business Centre develops its main R&D lines in the field of advanced cosmetics and decarbonisation and development of new products in the fields of carbochemistry and foundry coke. The Scientific Advisory Board, made up of prestigious scientists of national and international renown, supports this strategy and innovative developments.

The company generates applied research projects, related to products and processes, which are added to the fact that the company has a patent for obtaining pitch from anthracene oil, as well as for the refining of 99% pure naphthalene, with its own technology.

In the last five years, Quimica del Nalón has invested more than 5 million euros in innovation. Together with 15 technology centres across Europe, it has developed more than ten projects with an impact on people’s quality of life with biomedical and circular economy applications.

At present, Quimica del Nalon, in collaboration with different entities and research centres, promotes R&D&I projects that cover different fields such as advanced carbon materials, biotechnology and participation in companies with a high technological content.

For her part, Susana Fernández González, dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Oviedo, said: “In order to respond to the current challenges facing society, the chemical industry must move towards more sustainable production in which energy efficiency, waste reuse and more efficient processes with lower consumption of raw materials are promoted. The chemical industry is the largest industrial investor in R&D&I and has the potential to participate in the transformation of the economy towards a new circular model”.

Salvador Ordóñez García, professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology and director of the Química del Nalón Institutional Classroom for Circular and Sustainable Chemistry, highlighted “the company’s commitment to the research carried out at the Faculty of Chemistry, trusting that this support will serve as a meeting point and catalyst for the development of new research topics in the field of circular and sustainable chemistry between the different departments and research groups that form part of the Faculty“.