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Naphthalene is a chemical compound with formula C10 H8. The two kinds of naphthalene concentrates that may be obtained from coal tar are known as crude and refined naphthalene.

Industrial Química del Nalón, S.A. has developed processes and invested in facilities and equipment that enable us to offer the entire range of naphthalene purities to the market. These range from 96.5% (technical naphthalene) to above 99,9% (pure naphthalene), with low sulphur (< 2 ppm) and nitrogen (< 5 ppm) contents. It is suitable for organic syntheses and has a stable, snow-white colour, being, most probably, the purest available in the market.


Naphthalene has multi-sectorial uses, with a variety of applications. It is mainly used in the manufacture of:

  • Phthalic anhydride.
  • Concrete superplasticizers.
  • Tanning agents and dyestuffs.
  • B-naftol.
  • Tetralin and Decalin.
  • Mothballs and other compacted products for household use.

It is also a raw material to obtain a large number of intermediate organic compounds used in fine chemical and pharmaceutical processes.


Presentation and Supply:

Naphthalene is marketed in both solid and molten form.


Molten at a temperature between 100ºC and 115ºC.

  • Flakes: In the shape of small laminates.
  • Pellets: Hemispherical in shape, approximately 3mm diameter. Their homogenous size distribution and hemispherical shape minimise lumping and the formation of dust. They also favour their handling and supply in the solid form.

Solid naphthalene (both flakes and pellets) is packaged as follows:

Double PE bags, Net weight 25 Kg
Pallets From 750 a 1.250 Kg/pallet
Pallets dimensions 120 x 100 cm

Liquid naphthalene is supplied either by road in thermally insulated tank- trucks or in specific ISO containers by sea.


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