Nalonchem participates in the Proof of Concept Asturias S3 programme to propose innovative challenges to the Asturian scientific community

Nalonchem is taking part in a new edition of the Proof of Concept Asturias S3 programme to propose innovative challenges to the Asturian scientific community. The initiative, promoted by the Regional Ministry of Science, Business, Training and Employment through the Agency for Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation Asturias (Sekuens) recognizes the scientific work of researchers […]

Quimica del Nalon: sustainability, investment and innovation from Langreo

Quimica del Nalon is an Asturian family company that has been developing its high performance foundry coke activity in the Ciaño plant (Langreo. Asturias. Spain ) since the mid 80s, generating 70 direct jobs, The company – one of the two industrial chemical companies with a presence in the Nalón Corridor – is the leading […]

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) strengthens its relationship with the University of Oviedo with the “Aula Institucional Química del Nalón de química circular y sostenible”, to promote R&D&I and talent in Asturias.

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) reinforces its historical relationship with research at the University of Oviedo and the management and promotion of entrepreneurial and scientific talent in Asturias by creating the “Química del Nalón Institutional Classroom for Circular and Sustainable Chemistry”, with the aim of contributing to the knowledge and promotion of R&D&I in the field […]

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) sponsors the IX Science Week “Margarita Salas”

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem) took part yesterday in the inauguration of the IX “Margarita Salas” Science Week, organised by the newspaper La Nueva España, with an interesting programme of sessions with the participation of outstanding national and international researchers, such as Beatriz Roldán Cuenya, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Quimica del Nalon, researcher […]

Quimica del Nalon closed the programme to promote innovative talent

Quimica del Nalon (Nalonchem)took part yesterday in the closing ceremony of a new edition of the STARTinnovaprogramme, promoted by the newspaper El Comercio, with more than 200participants. The 12th edition of the programme involves the participation of 200students from 14 Asturian schools – high school and training centres – who willcompete in an itinerary to […]